DIY Tips For Taking Care Of Your Audi

Your car can be your lifeline and you want to ensure that it is always performing at its best. It is also important that you maintain your car to ensure that it lasts longer which is particularly important if you have an Audi. An Audi is a luxury car and will be more expensive than a Ford or Holden so taking care of it is important.

Look At The Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are something that you see every time you use your car, but many people do not take the time to maintain them. Most people will wait until they absolutely have to change their wiper blades before they do anything and this is not always the best choice. It is important that you regularly check your wiper blades to help them function correctly and stop them from scratching your windscreen.

You should regularly check the rubber blades to see that they are still supple. When the blades start to harden the risks of them cracking are greater. If the blades are pulling away or starting to crack them you should replace them. The size of the blade that you need will be in your car manual along with instructions on how to properly replace the blade.

Pay Attention To Noises

The noises that your car makes will help you determine if there is anything wrong. Most people do not know when the noise they hear is something bad or just road noises. It is important that you take the time to listen to your car when it is working correctly so you know what the normal noises are. If you hear any new noises then you need to investigate because it could be something wrong with your car. If you can’t find the issue, make sure you get your car to a specialist Audi service centre as soon as possible.

Once you hear the noise you should try and locate where it is coming from. Some of the rattling noises that you hear could be a loose bolt or clip that you can tighten until you can get your car to a mechanic. If you find the noise comes from a part which cannot be tightened then you could deaden the noise with some rubber or leather before taking it to the mechanic.

If you are hearing a squealing noise when you accelerate your alternator belt could be having issues. It is best that you take this to the mechanic and explain the sound that you hear. The mechanic will replace the belt and this will stop the sound. If the belt is not the issue there could be an accumulation of water in the engine bay. To remedy this you will need to dry the engine bay.

Know Your Wheels

Your wheels are an essential part of your car and they need to be maintained properly. It is recommended that you check the tire pressure at least once a week to ensure that you are running the car on enough air. If your steering feels slightly unbalanced or the steering drifts to one side when driving then you need to have your wheel alignment checked.